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About Us

Located 12 miles south of San Diego, Cormorant Boutique Hotel is situated in La Jolla Village on prominent Prospect Street. Almost all of the 26 rooms feature ocean view balconies overlooking the La Jolla Cove. Formerly La Jolla Inn, the hotel originally started as the original market “The Prospect Market” built in the mid 1940s. La Jolla Inn was later added to the market in the mid 1960s with final enclosures completed in the late 1980s ad 1990s.  The hotel’s history spans several, more modern, decades of the twentieth century, with its latest renovation in 2018, transforming the historic beauty into Cormorant Boutique Hotel.

You’ll find the hotel’s namesake, the Brandt’s Cormorant, with its head thrown back and wings spread wide soaking up the sun and ocean mist along the cliffs just steps from our front door. Quiet but highly social, these marine birds are the original La Jolla locals. Just like our guests, these feathered visitors feel the continual pull of La Jolla’s shores and return year after year, always to the same nesting spot, to enjoy the best of San Diego’s crown jewel. We can’t imagine a more fitting name for our perch on historic Prospect Street.