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Children’s Pool

July 15, 2022

Legendary crescent beach and sea lion/harbor seal sunbathing spot

With blue-green water, pillowy sand, and marvelous coastal scenery, Children’s Pool is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in La Jolla. Though it was once a tranquil cove for young swimmers, it’s recently been reclaimed by the town’s resident seafaring mammals—harbor seals and sea lions.

From the seawall and walkway, it’s a beautiful beach to behold, and a great place to get a closer look at these noisy, slow-moving creatures. While it’s possible to swim here during certain times of the year (the beach is closed from December through March during pup birthing season), visitors are warned to keep their distance from the harbor seals and sea lions.

Be aware that parking can get tricky in this area, with traffic slowed to a crawl near this beach and the others along Coast Boulevard. With Cormorant’s valet services, you can leave your car at the hotel and visit on foot.